Getting Started with Heat Transfer Vinyl – A Beginner’s Guide

Presto Wonders

These days no fashion product or apparel gains completion without the involvement of materials like heat transfer vinyls. The professional manufacturers of such material focus chiefly in the context of;

  • Superb quality control and
  • A competitive range of pricing

A PVC based heat transfer vinyls are produced with very eco-friendly material. The end product has the texture of high flex, matter effect and a very soft hand feeling. The material happens to retain its properties even in extreme high-temperature conditions. The main reason for this is, the material contains about 100 microns of PET film as substrate.

Since used more by the apparel industry, aimed at making T-shirt vinyl is;

  1. Easy to cut
  2. Easy to weed and also
  3. Easy to peel

Many of the manufacturers of heat transfer vinyls provide a very economic variant having better price and the highest of quality. If one is looking for the types of heat transfer vinyl available today in the market, then there are indeed various in-store. Take for instance;

  1. The holographic heat transfer vinyl
  2. DIY soft sticky elastic vinyl
  3. Heat transfer glitter vinyl
  4. Metallic heat transfer vinyl
  5. Inkjet transfer paper for polyester printing and more.

The T-shirt vinyl is heat transfer vinyls which are in itself a very flexible polyurethane material and is soft to the touch. On the other hand, it is also very durable for any kind of wear, wash and dry cycle of clothing. Since it never cracks on use and is not rough, it retains the quality in t-shirt printing and appeases most customers. Sellers gain the confidence to sell more T-shirt vinyl which makes customers keep coming back.

T-Shirt vinyl comes available in a ton of colours and more are being added every month. Apart from solid colours, the glitter-based vinyl is popular as well. A variety of designs and printing jobs are now possible in the apparel industry.

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