Everyone wants a personalized t-shirt and that too cotton. We all know sublimation is not possible on cotton. The answer is right here: Presto’s plotter cut cotton personalisation project. Are you in search of vinyl t-shirt printing? Be it letters, designs, captions, quotes or even printed pictures or logos they are all possible. Vinyl t-shirt printing is now an effortless yet profitable business with the use of heat Transfer vinyls and vinyl cutting plotter machine. We have partnered with the best in the business to provide the vinyl cutting plotter machine and the vinyl media used on the t shirts. We sell CAMEO Plotters from USA and t-shirt vinyl materials from Korea.

Top Quality Heat Transfer T-shirt Vinyl Roll

T-shirt vinyl roll is now the most popular heat press transfer material for cotton t-shirts. Heat transfer vinyls can be cut by a vinyl cutting plotter to print name, number, logo, and design on T-shirts, sportswear and other garments thereafter transferred by a heat press. It is very durable, stretchable, washes fast and will last the life of garments. To do vinyl t-shirt printing, prepare the image on your computer, cut the image shape with cutting plotter, then strip off the piece you don’t need. At last, press the image on a T-shirt or other fabric products. 150 degree, 10 seconds, hot peel. Need more information on T-shirt vinyl supplier and vinyl cutting plotter? Let us know about your query by giving us a call or get in touch with a Presto Sales Rep today.

Join the most lucrative vinyl t-shirt printing business with Presto. Are you looking for an affordable vinyl cutting plotter machine along with heat transfer vinyls? Whether you’re searching for a commercial vinyl cutting plotter or an entry-level vinyl graphics cutter, we have it for sale.