1.What is Sublimation printing?

In simple terms, it means vaporizing an image printed on a transfer paper with special type of ink onto mug/tile/t-shirt/stone/plates using a heat press.This technology is widely used for printing personalised gifts,awards and clothing.

NOTE: Dye-sublimation is a Heat cum Time-Sensitive procedure and each heat press and each production environment will have it’s own unique properties. Small adjustments may be necessary to achieve optimum results.

2.What is the purpose of a Heat Press?

A heat press is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and heavy pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded into the product. The product to be printed must be pre coated (available with us) so that it may receive the transfer. There are various types of Heat Presses depending on your substrate to be printed :

Flat Heat Press : Recommended for anything that is flat ie : T Shirts,Tiles, Metal sheets, Hardboards, Stone etc. The Flat Heat Press comes in various sizes and you can choose one that meets your requirement best.

Mug Heat Press : Used for transferring images onto Mugs of various sizes like : 11oz,6oz,conical etc.

Cap Press : Used for transferring image on to a Cap.

Label Press : This is essentially a miniature Flat Heat Press. A Label press is ideal when you want to print a small flat surface so that you save on power and space. For example Logos on T Shirts/Shirts and other substrates.

3D Sublimation Machine : In this machine the Pressure is applied by way of vacuum so any irregular object can be printed.


3.What do I require for Sublimation printing?

  • Sublimation Printer
  • Dye sublimation inks
  • Sublimation paper
  • Heat press / Mug Press.
  • Substrates / Blanks for Sublimation Printing

4.Do I need a different kind of printer for Sublimation printing?

Yes. You need the specific printer accept the Sublimation ink. Normally we recommend EPSON L Series printers. These come in two sizes : A3 and A4.

Our technical experts will provide you the further details on exact Model Number.

5.What kind of ink do I need?

You would need a good quality Dye Sublimation Ink for this purpose. Good quality is important in terms of print quality and also so that it does not clog your printer head. Presto sells only top quality Dye Sublimation inks that extend the printer like and also offer excellent color gamut.

6.What kind of paper do I need?

For best print and ink transfer results you will need a Sublimation Transfer Paper. Presto supplies a 95 GSM Paper that is suitable for all types of substrates : T shirts, ceramics, Stone , Hardboard etc etc. so you don’t have to worry about stocking different papers for different applications.

7.Do I have to produce a large number of items?

No. Sublimation printing costs the same whether you print one or one thousand. The beauty of this technology is that you can print one item at a time and that is why its ideal for personalisation. As regards the variety of items you want to carry – of course that is a decision you have to take as a business owner. Presto offers hundreds of Sublimation blanks and our Account Manager will be able to guide you with best selection.

8.What items can be heat pressed?

The following are some of the far more common items often heat pressed: Mugs, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, T-Shirts, Caps, Mouse Pads, Jigsaw Puzzles, Name Plates and many more products. The genre of these products is Personalised Gifts, Awards and Appreciation products. Please refer the Presto Product Catalogue for the complete list.

9. How do I produce a printed item?

The Steps involved are :

  1. Design the artwork using any graphic software like PhotoShop , CorelDraw etc.
  2. Take the print using a Sublimation printed loaded with Sublimation Ink and Sublimation paper
  3. Place the Printed Paper on top of the Blank product. Put the same onto the appropriate Press (Flat Press/Mug Press/Cap Press etc)
  4. Allow the transfer process for the recommended Temperature,Pressure and Time.
  5. Peel off the used Transfer Paper.
  6. Your product is ready.

Usually the above process get completed in 3 mins . Presto provides full technical training when you purchase a Sublimation Project from us.

10.Do you provide any training to operate the machines?

Yes. Our technical experts will provide you the practical training at the time of Purchase. For remote locations we provide easy to follow Presto Training videos.

11.Problem: The colors in my transferred image are incorrect.

Solution: The most common reason that colors transfer incorrectly is there would be a nozzle jam in your printer. If any of the color does not fire correctly, all colors get affected. In such cases carry out a head cleaning and recheck the results.

12. Problem: There are streaks across my image.

Solution: Streaks in the printouts can be caused by a dirty print head. There are several ways to initiate a print head cleaning on printers. If this problem arises then please clean your printer’s print head.

13. Problem: The paper sticks to the mugs every time I want to do Sublimation on it.

Solution: This problem occurs due to softening of the coating when the mug is heated during the transfer process. To reduce the effects of the softened coating, remove the paper from the mug before cooling or in other words while it is still hot. If any residue remains, you may clean the surface of the mug with rubbing alcohol after it has been fully cooled.If you have used the recommended Ink, paper and substrate its very seldom that you would experiance this issue.

15. Problem: The image blurred after printing every time.

Solution: Ensure you have good resolution picture, and/or increase the pressure or temperature on the Heat Press / Mug Press.

16. Problem: Want to prevent the nozzles clogging on the sublimation printer.

Solution: Printer clogging usually happens if the printer is left unused for a number of days. We advice to print a full colour design of about quarter A4 page by every couple of days to prevent the nozzles clogging. However if you are using the printer daily, you would not be facing this issue.

17. Problem: The Red Indicator in the Heat Press is not glowing and Display Board is blank also

Solution:Please check the plug point and power cord. Most probably the problem rose from these devices.

18. Problem: The Red Indicator in the Heat Press is glowing but nothing is showing in the Display Board.

Solution:At first, check the fuse, if it’s damaged, change it.
If the fuse is okay, then check the wire connection on the timer. If still dosent work, contact your Account manager at Presto.

19. Problem: Temperature set to 180 degree in the Heat Press, but it rose to 200-205 degree automatically and the heating element is also heating up.

Solution: Check the wire connection on the controller.

20. Problem: Temperature set to 180 degree, but temperature reached to 70-75 degree, heating elements are not heating up properly.

Solution: Please check the temperature sensor cable, it may be damaged. If so, then you have to replace it.

21. Problem: Temperature set to 180 degree in the Heat Press, placed the product on print, pressed the handle, but time calculator did not start.

Solution: At first, check the sensor, see whether the metal clip attached with the sensor is working or not. Press the black roller on the metal clip and find if the metal clip is moving inside with a low sound or not. If it’s moving then the sensor clip is okay. If it’s not moving, then they are loose. Do fresh soldering to fix them up.

Secondly, check the connector of the sensor. If it is found broken then you have to change it.

22. Problem: Heating elements are not working but Heat Press showing display at 470 degree on the Display Board.

Solution: Check the heating element.  Probably it has been damaged. You have to send the machine for repairing or changing.

26. Problem: The heating pad has suddenly stopped working.

Solution: You have to replace the Heating pad. Contact our helpline no for replacement

27. Problem: Impression on the mug of the image is blur after using Mug Press Machine.

Solution: Check the heating pad wrinkles whether it is smooth or not.

Rough surface with wrinkles might cause white shade coming after sublimation. When the Mug press is not in use, always load a mug onto the pad so that it retains its shape and wrinkles do not form.

28. Do I have to do any type of maintenance or cleaning of the machines?

In case of maintenance, dusting or cleaning with a mild household cleaner is enough.

29. If my machine needs service, what will I do?

Contact your Account Manger at Presto. He will coordinate with the Technician and get your machine fixed over phone and video support. Parts will be supplied at cost as necessary. If required, as a last recourse  You may have to send the machine to our Factory for servicing.

30.I can't find an answer to my problems, how can I find out more?

Its best to Contact your Account Manager at first as he would know everything about you and your machine. If that is not possible for any reason or not yielding results , please contact us by email or Board Phone nos. We are here to help. You will find our Contact details in the CONTACT US section.