Sustain your Personalised Gifts & Rubber Stamps Business in this Pandemic period

All businesses have been hit very adversely during the ongoing pandemic .We all are aware how customers have vanished, demand has plummeted and costs have remain mostly stagnant. This has resulted in adverse cash flows leading to additional interest cost and resultant vicious cycle.

Of course, all industries or trade have not been hit uniformly .Trades like Travel, Hospitality , Events are high on the index and Groceries, Online delivery platforms etc are either mildly hit or may have actually benefited. A new normal has emerged and some habits formed during this time are here to stay even when the pandemic is over.

One industry or trade that employs thousands in India is Personalised Gifting and Rubber Stamps. Recently, Presto and Eleganza who are leaders in this industry had organized a webinar on this subject and shared tips on sustaining this business during this crisis. The webinar can be accessed by visiting : 

  The ideas shared are relevant to most businesses and just gives one a new dimension to look at. The pandemic will be over soon enough and businesses that will hold their ground will certainly see lot less clutter at the other side of this pandemic.

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