3 Steps to Remember Before Starting Your Sublimation T-shirts Design Business

Today, the personalized sublimation t-shirts business is growing rapidly and the owner of the sublimation t-shirts design is witnessing tremendous business growth and opportunity. For you, to set up a  sublimation t-shirts design business, you will need to buy essential machinery, learn how to handle them effectively, learn how to produce a high-quality design with t-shirt vinyl roll to satisfy your clients. It’s too much? To help you out, right below are 3 tips and proven method to start of your t-shirts design/ printing business.

Know your equipment: In the beginning, to set up your sublimation t-shirts design/ printing business you need to study about all the possible t-shirt printing methods are available in the market. Know their advantages and disadvantages. Know what will work for you before jumping to buy one. t-shirt vinyl roll is an exceptional method, however, search for the other method as well.


Presto Flat Heat Press Machine (Economy Press A3)

This video shows the Combo press deluxe machine printing a black shirt in under 2 minutes! It is truly the fastest digital garment printer on the market! To learn more, visit sublimation.co.in or email debashish@prestowonders.com or call +91 9007015983.


Search for supplier: Now that you got your favorite equipment, you need to look for a supplier. The best way to get one is to look for a supplier who has been in the sublimation t-shirts design business for a long time and have a good market presence like Presto.


Investigate your competitor: Take time to examine your competitors. Try to know what kind of sublimation t-shirts design method they are using. Know their equipment and know what kind of product they are selling in the market. This data will help you to recognize the marketing demand and customers prior to selling your product.

So, these are the 3 crucial steps that will help you successfully launch your sublimation t-shirts design business. if you want us our suggestion about equipment to print t- shirt, our suggestion is t-shirt vinyl roll. Why? Because Cuttable transfer vinyl is perfect for 1-5 color logos, numbers, graphics, lettering, and names!  They can be used in combination with other technologies, like embroidery, screen printing, etc.

Need more expert’s opinion? Reach out to Presto + 91 33 4070 3333 or +91 9007015983

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