Sublimate Mugs Successfully With Mug Press Machine

Even though there are several types of sublimation products accessible in the markets, your clients can never get enough of mugs. The logic why mugs are so attractive is that it’s inexpensive and personal. When it comes to sublimating mugs by a mug press machine, you will want to make certain that you get everything on point, to avoid wastage. To guarantee that you hand out your high-grade work, here are four tips that you should use:

Checking completion of cooking: If you want to review if you have cooked the mug correctly or not, all you want to do is peel off some of the paper from the edges. Take a close look to notice if the design you sublimated is of high quality. However, if you are unable to strip off the edge portions of the paper, you will need to cook the mug for an extended time. Sometimes, you might have to raise the pressure of the mug press machine, as it wasn’t enough.

Cooling after completion: Once you have finished sublimating the art on to the mug with the help of mug press machine, you will have to remove the transfer swiftly so that you can begin the cooling procedure. The idea why you need to cool the mug is to bring the sublimation process to a total halt. If you have to cool a ceramic mug, you can put it in water with the transfer at room temperature.

Correct measurements: When you want to sublimate the design perfectly on the mug with a mug press machine, make certain that you measure among the tapering parts and arrange the templates accordingly. The idea is that you won’t get a decent print if you directly sublimate the image on to the tapered section.

Trim bottom and top: To stop the paper from going into the mug’s tapered part, you should scrape the bottom and top. When there is excess paper, it will twist, affecting the quality of the picture.

Use these four tips to sublimate mugs successfully! Looking for more information about mug press machine/ mug press or sublimation blank products? You can contact one of Presto’s specialist to clear your any doubt +91 9007015983.

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