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Colored sublimatable t-shirt. Color: WhiteT-shirt printing by sublimation has grown into a large industry over the last 25 years and has supplied a market gap for high-quality, short-run printing of sublimation t-shirts and other promotional products. It is a heat transfer method, whereby a paper release liner is printed utilizing sublimation dyes. The printed art turns into a gas with the use of heat, transferring the dye to the garment or item.

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 Advantages of Sublimation t-shirt printing

Prints don’t Fade with wash – This is one of those qualities of personalized sublimation t-shirts apparel that has been praised by the wearers of the same worldwide. Acknowledging the nature of the process of sublimation t-shirts design, it is extremely tough to wash off the print with a few odd hands or machine washes.

Prints don’t run, break or chip easily – Prints on normal t-shirts are seen to chip, crack or even run with a wash or heavy sweat which is generally experienced in sports clothing. This is something that sublimation t-shirts are nearly immune to.

Applicable to fashion and Sports Clothing – While certain prints have obtained their mark in the world of sports apparel, the world of fashion is also making the best of sublimation. In fact, more and more people enlightened regarding this sublimation t-shirts design are seeking these over the regular ones.

True Value for Money – With its endurance, durability, fashion and visual aesthetics, personalized sublimation t-shirts offers true value for money. Customers are normally not seen cringing at paying a few bucks more for these benefits as compared with their normal printed counterparts. Nevertheless, discounts and offers that are made accessible through quality wholesale providers have achieved its wonders in making the prices even more affordable for bulk and individual buyers alike.

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