Laser engraving is an advanced technology whereby the concentrated light energy in a laser is used to precision burn a material to obtain a desired design, photograph or marking on a a material. The entire process is done by the laser engraving machine. Our CO2 laser engraving machines in Kolkata are made by LASER TOOLS and TECHNICS CORPORATION, Taiwan and are equipped with RF Metal Tubes from Synrad, Deos or Coherent of USA. Build to last for decades, our Laser Tubes last for approx 20,000 working hours and can be refilled. The applicable materials are Wood, Plastics, Denim, Leather, Rubber and all other non metals. The applications of laser engraving machine is in gifts and greeting industry, mementos, awards, souvenirs and crafts.

The Art of Laser Engraving with Laser Engraving Machines in Kolkata from PRESTO.

LTT’s laser engraving machines are high-speed CO2 laser systems that are affordable, easy-to-use, and adaptable equipments. They need to be just hooked on to a PC and work pretty much like a Printer. Easy to learn, our laser engraving machines in Kolkata can help you start a brand-new startup business or boost the profits of your well-established organization. The applicable materials are Wood, Plastics, Denim, Leather, Rubber and all other non metals.  The simple way to explain how our laser engraver and cutter devices work is to relate the laser systems to a desktop ink printer. Using related motion control technology, we take the pictures you normally print to paper, and rather of printing dots of ink, we shoot a CO2 laser beam that laser carves, cuts, and draws your design into a wide variety of materials.

The laser engraving machine operates swiftly and can produce very fine detail. This safe, non-contact process comprises no moving parts which might hurt the operator. Marking takes place in a closed container form which the vaporization fumes must be removed through a filter. This machine is used to engrave on wood, ceramics, and glass, leather, bamboo, crystal, rubber, plexiglass, marble, among others. It is the most fitting and the favored option of equipment in businesses such as advertisement, gifts, shoes, toys and etc. Are you in search of laser engraving machines in Kolkata? Watch our Video above and contact a Presto Sales Rep today for more details.