Introductory Tutorial to Using a Heat Transfer Machine With Great Results!

Heat press machines use heat and equally distribute pressure to imprint art designs diverse types of surface. It offers robust consistent heat and pressure, which offers high-quality results. But how to achieve the best result when using a mug press machine? Here’s some simple step you can follow:

Never hesitate: To print a great mug, you have to increase the heat output. So never fear when you are increasing the heat output of Mug Press Machine.

Ask for help: If you do not know how much heat the blank product can handle, contact your sublimation mug suppliers and ask about it.

Ready the machine: Before you begin heat transfer, preheat the mug press machine for a few seconds.



Place it perfectly: Place and positions the design transfer paper accordingly

Set the timer: Hold down the minute and second buttons to raise or lower the times.

Use automation: Read about how to set automatic heat and pressure adjustment technique. The automatic process is more preferred than the manual.

Cool it down: When the printing is done, place the freshly cooked mug in a cold environment!

Remove the paper: Peel the transfer sheet from the mug while it’s hot.

Take care of machine & product: Take proper care of your heat press mug and heat press machine when printing is done. Clean the machine and product thoroughly.

Test run: Always test some samples when utilizing a new machine or buying products from a new sublimation mug suppliers

If you follow this step by step guide and manual came for the mug press machine from sublimation mug suppliers, you will definitely get the best output from your mug press machine.

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