How to Print Mugs Using Sublimation Printing


When you are presenting a gift to your special person on a special day, you would want that gift to stay fresh in the memory forever. That is why most people are looking to present personalised gifts to their loved ones. One of the more popular gifts among the personalised gifts is printed mugs. Wondering how printed mugs are made? Here is how printed mugs are created with the help of sublimation printing machines availed from the best sublimation machine manufacturer in India.

Graphic Selection

First, the picture of the graphic that will be imprinted on the mug gets selected. In this case, generally, those people who are buying customised gifts will provide the picture they want in the mug from the sublimation mug suppliers.

Print the Graphics

Now, as you have the picture or the graphic that will be imprinted on the mug availed from the sublimation mug suppliers, it is time to print with the image the use of a sublimation printer. You should be mirror imaging to print the image and the resolution should not go above 300 DPI.

Cut the Printed Graphics as per the Size of the Mug

After printing the image, you should cut it according to the size of the ceramic mug which you got from the sublimation mug suppliers. Once you have done that, you need to attach heat transfer tape with the image and attach it to ceramic mug at the place where you want the image.

Adjust the Setting of Your Mug Press Machine

Now, you have to prepare the mug press machine for the ultimate result. You need to set the timer on the machines around 4 to 6 minutes and the temperature around 2000C. By doing this, now, your mug press machine is ready for the work.

Place the Mug on the Mug Press Machine

You will place the mug on the mug press machine availed from the best sublimation machine manufacturer in India, press the lever, and start the machine. Once the printing is done and dusted, you need to remove the move from the machine, and remove the heat transfer tape and allow the mug to cool. Now, your printed and personalized mug is ready.

Final Thoughts

The demand for personalized mugs are one the rise and if you want to start a business of that then you should buy a sublimation machine from the best sublimation machine manufacturer in India. This is a potential market which you should cash in.

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