Climbing to be the top sublimation manufacturer in India. What do you need to know?

In our earlier blog titled ‘Vinyl Cutters Facts and Important Uses’, we informed you in excellent detail regarding the different machines we offer. We also understand how customers like personalized products and place high expectations on you to offer the best to them.

Yet, in order to complete the surmountable success in mug printing business or if you desire to be the biggest sublimation manufacturer in India, it is necessary for you to analyze the following questions:

Is the mug heat press machine and software I am using the correct one?

First and foremost, it is necessary that you purchase the right machine from acknowledged sublimation manufacturer in India, that satisfies your level of expertise. The idea being, that some machines may appear like they are simpler to use when they are not.

For instance, if you are beginning a new business, would suggest that you go for the mug sublimation heat press machine; though you can just print one mug at a time, it provides you much-needed practice.

Following you can use swing away combo, 4 in 1 or maybe 6 in 1 mug heat press machine to grow your business.

                                                Accessories You need

Aluminum blanks: These assist to obtain best results and is a crucial part in the printing business.

Dye Sublimation Tape: During printing, it holds the transfer flat and in place on both the mug and aluminum blank.

Mugs: You will need mugs that are AAA graded with a double thick coating. These guarantee a smooth surface and can surely enhance sublimated transfer applied to it. They are very long-lasting and fade resistant; and are dishwasher approved. We as one of the prominent sublimation manufacturer in India can assist you to find this here.

Steps to finding success with Mug Printing

  • Once you have prepared all the material, here are some steps that you want to follow to kick off your business:
  • Now you have got your mug heat press machine at home or office and have set it up; set suggested temperature but prior to that make certain you have the right cup size.
  • Secondly, design the image you need. You can use specific software to design the graphic you desire to print.
  • Once the Mug heat press machine‘s temperature is fixed(set), place the aluminum blank on to the mug and tightly secure it.
  • Transfer the image. It is necessary to make certain that the design face down the mug.
  • The image has been transferred? Now uncover the sublimation paper off the mug.
  • Place in water to cool off and after that, dry it.

There you go, mug printing lesson 1O1 done! Nevertheless, we as an experienced sublimation manufacturer in India recommend constant practice and once that is achieved, success is certain!

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