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3 Steps to Remember Before Starting Your Sublimation T-shirts Design Business

Today, the personalized sublimation t-shirts business is growing rapidly and the owner of the sublimation t-shirts design is witnessing tremendous business growth and opportunity. For you, to set up a  sublimation t-shirts design business, you will need to buy essential machinery, learn how to handle them effectively, learn how to produce a high-quality design with t-shirt vinyl roll to satisfy your clients. It’s too much? To help you out, right below are 3 tips and proven method to start of your t-shirts design/ printing business.

Know your equipment: In the beginning, to set up your sublimation t-shirts design/ printing business you need to study about all the possible t-shirt printing methods are available in the market. Know their advantages and disadvantages. Know what will work for you before jumping to buy one. t-shirt vinyl roll is an exceptional method, however, search for the other method as well.


Presto Flat Heat Press Machine (Economy Press A3)

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Search for supplier: Now that you got your favorite equipment, you need to look for a supplier. The best way to get one is to look for a supplier who has been in the sublimation t-shirts design business for a long time and have a good market presence like Presto.


Investigate your competitor: Take time to examine your competitors. Try to know what kind of sublimation t-shirts design method they are using. Know their equipment and know what kind of product they are selling in the market. This data will help you to recognize the marketing demand and customers prior to selling your product.

So, these are the 3 crucial steps that will help you successfully launch your sublimation t-shirts design business. if you want us our suggestion about equipment to print t- shirt, our suggestion is t-shirt vinyl roll. Why? Because Cuttable transfer vinyl is perfect for 1-5 color logos, numbers, graphics, lettering, and names!  They can be used in combination with other technologies, like embroidery, screen printing, etc.

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Why We Accept Transfers Over Other Techniques Of Sublimation T-Shirts Design?

Many entrepreneurs, throughout the world, use a transfer printing method with the help of t-shirt vinyl roll to create fabulous t-shirts design. Due to its versatility, transfer printing can be the perfect answer to several different types of jobs. Today, we will be discussing about why this method can be the best for your business.

Easy: It’s fairly easy, the equipment is comparatively low-priced and it can generate high quality, complex images. It is further one of the best methods to use for full-color prints.

Excellent Personalization: Due to its fast process and setup, this sublimation t-shirts design printing method is excellent for personalizing the same garment various times with different designs. What you only need is a design on a t-shirt vinyl roll and you are good to go.

Great for bold choices: We’re not overstating when we say that transfer paper comes in all varieties of shapes and sizes. There is pretty much an infinite amount of choices when it comes to results and colors. Whatever your creative mind is thinking, with the help of t-shirt vinyl roll and heat transfer method, you can print it within a moment.

Durability: T-shirt vinyl roll is a pretty strong material. It can endure many years of washes and wear. This is why it is one of the favored materials when personalizing sublimation t-shirts design, especially sportswear.

Good for small businesses: Like a badge making machine, heat transfer devices are comparatively cheap, easy to handle, lightweight and don’t take up much space. This kind of t-shirts design printing can be done on demand, reducing the requirement for holding stocks or extensive print runs. Just print if people place orders, as opposed to printing, keeping garments in stock and hoping you’ll receive hundreds of orders. This can be advantageous for start-ups offering small amounts of specially designed sublimation T-shirts as there are practically no extra costs involved.

There are plenty of other reasons as well, they are as follows:

  • Designs that are printed on paper are simpler to store away
  • Production times are very shorter
  • This technique for sublimation t-shirts design doesn’t need high skill and has low reject rates
  • Certain outcomes and textures can only be performed with a transfer
  • The equipment required for transfer printing can be reasonable
  • The material doesn’t require much space either

Now you know the reason behind accepting transfers over other techniques. When you are done with the art, take a t-shirt vinyl roll and print it on the T-shirt and you are done! Want to know more t-shirts design? Follow this link to know more or reach out at +91 9007015983. We are here to help you.

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Personalized sublimation t-shirts – How it is Made and the Pros and Cons of Each Method

Fashionable t-shirts are being marketed like hot cake in today’s apparel business. With the modern trend of wearing brands, the fashionable personalized sublimation t-shirts phenomenon is really looming large.

T-shirts are generally made of cotton or polyester fibers that provide a t-shirt it’s unique soft texture. T-shirts can be decorated with text and/or images, with the help of t-shirt vinyl roll. Today,t-shirt fashions include styles for men and women, and for all age groups, including baby, teens, and adult sizes.

The demand for personalized sublimation t-shirts is growing every single day and this business can give you a continuous flow of profit. However, before you start your own personalized t-shirts business, you need to know about the process and types of equipment so you can dodge any mistake. We are sharing some of the details to help you smoothly run your venture. They are as follows:

What are the methods to personalize a T-shirt?

T-shirts have become extremely popular among young lads and men scattering to all parts of the globe. More than the variation of color what makes personalized sublimation t-shirts popular are their exclusive & spectacular design. T-shirts are personalized by using t-shirt vinyl roll(most of the time). However, there are various methods of decoration used on t-shirts include appliqué, airbrush, impressing, embroidery, or embossing and the pressing on of flock lettering, heat transfers, or dye-sublimation transfers.

Pros and cons of each printing methods:

Keeping aside t-shirt vinyl roll, each of the personalized sublimation t-shirts printing systems has their pros and cons.

  • Silk screening is a reasonable way to print a huge number of garments. Although it is not very fit for printing photo quality images and because each color is implemented separately, the more colors you want to use the longer it will take and the more costly it will be.
  • Dye sublimation can present photo quality images however, this technique does not work properly with natural fibers like cotton, polymerized fibers like nylon or polyester would need to be used.
  • Direct to garment printing is a great option for small runs, personalization, and representing images with various colors or even photo quality images and can be applied on natural fibers but if you are getting into the market of T-shirt printing the equipment for this process can be quite expensive.

We hope now you know where to start. If you need more information about personalized sublimation t-shirts business or t-shirt vinyl roll, Presto is here to help. Contact us today  +91 9007015983

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Vinyl Cutters Facts and Important Uses

Modernity is on the all high now, numerous craft and design work are accessible in the market. Due to the fashionableness of art and craft, everyone desires to have well-designed and printed things. In order to create the best artwork for the consumers, most of the companies are thinking of getting the t-shirt vinyl roll cutting machines. These devices are usually used in the manufacturing of various types of commercial products one of them is Personalised Cotton T shirts made by Vinyl Plotters and T Shirt Vinyl.

With the help of vinyl plotter cutting machines, it is comfortable to design artistic graphics that you want to print. It is a machine that utilizes sharp blades with full control to cut the vinyl sheets. The best vinyl cutter is effective in cutting a particular shape or a letter for creating vinyl stickers, banners, logos, decals and more.

T-shirt Vinyl Roll

The Vinyl Cutter’s Uses

You’re most probably thinking, “that’s a good machine, however, how it can help me? What kind of products I can make from T-shirt Vinyl Roll cutter machine?” The limitation of this machine is only limited to your imagination. Here are just some things that crafters make with their vinyl cutters:

  • Personalised Cotton T-shirts
  • Stickers and labels
  • 3D objects
  • Car wraps
  • Electronic circuits
  • Vinyl decals for laptops, smart phones and wallpaper
  • Cards
  • Origami
  • Signage
  • Designing Vinyl Banner
  • Vinyl logo designing
  • and more

Final thoughts

Looking to go into sublimation t-shirts or other type apparel printing business? Go for it.

The fact is, today, the t-shirt printing is an emerging business. The best thing regarding it is that you can do it from home and still earn huge profits. However, to truly be at the top of the game from your competition, you should think of investing in a good t-shirt vinyl roll cutter machine. Now that you know what the machine is all about, visit here and get one that fits your needs. Do you need more information on the t-shirt vinyl roll or cotton personalised t-shirts? Clarify your query by contacting us now. We are available 24/7 to assist you in choosing the best machine for your business.

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