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Using Your Mug Heat Press the First Time: Here’s How to do it!

As an entrepreneur, you know the competition in the market. Your buyers are getting demanding. They require perfection beyond par. In the heat press business of printing, the demand to continually produce designs that are innovative and high quality often depends on the kind of mug heat press machines that you choose to get the job done.

However, sometimes even the best heat press machine or combo heat press machine will not provide you with your needed result if not used correctly. For this blog, we will concentrate on the mug press. So here is a step by step method on how to heat press for excellent results:



Step 1: The Right Heat Press for Mugs

Ideally, mugs can be pressed with a combo heat press that has a separate attachment for the particular mug shape you using including regular 11 and 15 oz mugs, steins, water bottles, latte mugs and/or pint glasses. Other than that, you could go with one that is specifically created for standard mugs. In order to get the best results, use sublimation glass, ceramic or metal mugs.

Step 2: Design the Image

Using specific software that you can buy from a various online software store, design the art that you want to be printed. Make certain you reverse the digital image using the image editing software.

Step 3: Print Image Using Sublimation Paper 

Mug heat press machine uses sublimation paper to imprint the graphical image on the mug. Make certain the colors are right. Send the picture to be printed on your sublimation printer, then cut the extra sublimation paper to create the shape of your graphical design.


Step 4: Transfer Image to Mug

While using a Combo Heat Press or maybe a Mug Heat Press Machine, apply the appropriate pressure on the mug, so that it sits securely. Next, set your heat press machine to the proper temperature. During this time, make sure you exercise safety standards and wear protective gloves while dealing with the heat press machine. Place the design face-down on the mug, and make sure it stays securely over it with heat repellent tape. When the heat press is ready, put pressure on the mug to imprint the art.

Great, You’re Done!

Once the printing is finished, strip off the sublimation paper off the mug. You could further immediately sink it in lukewarm water for it to cool off.

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Artistic, Unique Gift Products Can Give High Profits

Many home business operators produce unique gift products using easy to use printing equipment. By utilizing simple and easy to use heat press machine or dye-sublimation gear, they make gift products quickly and inexpensively. With such equipment, the artwork, which is the important element in this business, can be instantly applied to sublimation blank products. Are you thinking of earning some extra cash beside your full-time job? A multi-functional heat press machine can help you to reach your goal. How? The best way to answer your question is by presenting you with our customer’s success story.

Here is an inspiring case study:

Tania, an IT professional living in Kolkata with a home-based multi-functional heat press machine taught us all how to make use of extra time to earn cash. She had a knack for western humor and printed her own drawings on sublimation blank products, consigning them to a gift shop nearby. They were displayed on a 2 foot by 6-foot shelf. We once called and asked the shop owner if they sold well. The owner told us that he earns quiet good money every year from that shelf from people who are looking for a unique gift item. Later, she started to make beautiful sublimation mugs. The blank cup cost INR 55 from the supplier. She consigned them to a gift shop where they retailed for 180. The shop paid her back INR 110 each with their re-orders. Using that multi-functional heat press machine, she shipped up to 400 pieces per month. With about INR 30 profit each, that one project made a very fine income indeed. When we spoke last time with Tania almost 3 months ago, she informed us that she was thinking of expanding her business by affiliating with the online sellers like Amazon and Flipkart. Well, we are glad to hear that you want to serve more people with your expertise. Presto’s Good Wishes are always with you…

Watch this sublimation process from here:

Combining a bit of creativity with the sublimation blank products, these multi-functional heat press machine proved that shop owners are eager for unique, logo souvenirs and you can be their lifelong supplier! If you need any kind of information regarding heat press machine or sublimation products, contact us today. We are here to take part in our next success story!


3D sublimation heat press machine is an automatic transfer vacuum printing machine. It can be used for printing on paper label, card, tube, bill, cup, plate, metal, rock, glass.

Use 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine

3d sublimation vacuum machine characteristics:

1. Safety

Double-circuit design guarantees temperature control. When malfunction occurs in one circuit, the other temperature controlling circuit activates automatically. The machine will automatically shut down after 15 minutes’ idle running, making it safe and reliable. This machine has applied for CE/UL certificate.

2. High efficiency

A big oven space: 300x420x110, unparallel working efficiency of printing 12 mugs at one time, equaling 12 mug presses.

3. Delicate

Heating area is enlarged with the bump dots design; and temperature of each point in the oven is even with the aluminum alloy heating and the far infrared radiation coat. Printing comes out in a more clear and vivid way.

4. Concise

Special flame resistant and insulative materials are applied in this streamlined compact machine. With the tight internal structure, the machine appears fashionably and concisely.

5. Compact

108 degree upward Porsche design, simple operation and compact;

6. Intelligent

No extra manipulation needs for the whole printing process but only put-in and take-out. When the cover is closed, the machine will automatically extract air, countdown and heat. When the printing is finished, the machine will automatically suck air

7. Use friendly desktop design, simple fresh-hand lead in and control just with temperature and time setting.

8. Multi-functional

Far outperforming conventional heat press machines, this machine designs for an all in one solution of sublimation printing service, including mugs, glass, crystal, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, stone slate, textile and etc. In cooperation with our exclusive straps, multi sized mugs can be easily printed, beautifully and clearly.

How To Use 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine